Introducing…. _The_Wolf

Domestication is very unlikely, but _The_Wolf’s DJing pedigree is unquestionable, having garnered a taste for emotive and deep grooves which infect the feet and soul.  Listening to the _The_Wolf is the music and dancing equivalent of trying to eat a fruit pastle without chewing, its just too tempting not to shake a tail feather.

Release date:

Convicted of Love in the first degree and got life imprisonment


Enchanted Forest

Record label: 2 Pin Records

The Wolf has re-launched 2 Pin Records and has joint responsibility for A&R and label management responsibilities with Tom Taylor (International DJ/Producer/Artist).  Tom and The Wolf are presently working on a number of solo and joint releases and very interesting remix projects.  Tom, as ever, has many other projects in the pipeline, including an album with Rodina & The Electric Press (One of Tom’s many guises) with several very exciting live shows commencing soon.  Oh, and he has a number of joint collaborations with some bloke called Paul Woolford.


The Wolf has inhabited diverse territories during his predatory quest to quell his hunger for satisfying music. He first started DJing in 1991, a quality vintage year and would be found devouring vinyl in Warp Records or DJing @ the Arches & prowling, howling and dancing inside Love to Be…. in Sheffield of course.

Domestication is highly unlikely, but the Wolf’s DJing pedigree is unquestionable, having garnered a taste for emotive & deep grooves which infect the feet & soul. His appetite has always been 4 ‘dancing’ music & eventually his passion rubbed off on his best mate Andy Whittaker who was at first lost to grunge and psychedelic rock, he then proceeded to manage Leeds legendary label 20:20 Vision & a little later he took on management of R&S Records.

The two of them soon became unique party specialists in Leeds, across London & in Manchester & The Wolf has obsessively broadened his musical universe ever since.

Radio’s Hoe

The Wolf shares some of his vibes and these experiences through his new Astro Boogie Radio Show & his Sexually Transmitted Disco Show with co-host Captain (aka Chris Germain).

Current Location

The most insane madhouse known or unknown to mankind ever…

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